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The Shire Horse

The Shire horse as we see it today traces back to the "English Great Horse," and the Great Horse in turn to Flemish horses brought to England during the twelfth century. These Flemish horses were noted both for their size and for colors and marking similar to what we think of as typical for the Shire today. Such horses had been used both on the Continent and on the British Isles as war horses, but eventually the Shire was used more in farming and commercial trade.

Historically, the Shire has been massive; early in this century they were routinely called the largest of the draft breeds, although there is probably more variation within the breeds today than from one breed to another. The most common colors are blacks, bays and browns, with a blaze and white legs as preferred markings. There are also some greys and even fewer roans. Breeders have been crossing Shires to Thoroughbred and other "light breed" mares for several decades, creating what we now recognize as the Sport horse, or Warmblood, utilizing their strength, bone, courage and tractability.

This Site

We had a catastrophic loss of almost all our original website.  So we've taken the "opportunity" to redesign and rebuild our site.  We are working to recover what we can and to recreate what we can't.  I hope you'll come back to see our recovery as we repopulate our web pages with biographies and photos of our horses and our friends.
(If you happen to have any photos of any of our horses, please drop me a note at and let's make arrangements to repost the photos.  Many Thanks, Sarah.)

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